5 Ways Saunas Can Improve Mental Health

Our mental health is one of the most important things that we can take care of in our body. Having a sharp mind and active brain are keys to succeeding in life and being happy. There are numerous cases where a weakened mental state can increase risk of death, depression, pain, and have a low quality of life. So anything we can do to improve our mental health is extremely important. Did you know that saunas are one of those things can help improve your mental health? Well, they can… and we are going to show you how, here:


1) Sleep

The most important thing you can do to boost your memory and cognition is to get well rested sleep. The process of sleeping organizes your memories from the day and solidifies new information where it belongs in your knowledge bank. Many folks use medication to assist them in a full night’s sleep. But unfortunately for them, medicated sleep is not REM sleep where the benefits occur. I found the best way to reach this REM state for sleep is to be totally relaxed when going to bed.

Infrared sauna sessions (approximately 20 minutes a day) relax the body immensely with calming heat that penetrates deep into the tissue. There is no stifling steam either which could cause the user to choke on the air they breathe. When the sauna session is completed before bed, you will find sleep comes easy and will last throughout the night.


2) Anger

Anger is good for no one! When we are frustrated, mad, or straight up livid, the mind can become irrational and explosive in response to others. Anger, believe it or not, is a mentally destructive force. Anything that affects your mind to act in a way it normally would not is a mental challenge. Have you ever said, “I didn’t mean it, I was angry.” That is a perfect example of being irrational due to an anger reaction.

There is an easy way to prevent anger from taking over your mind, however. An infrared sauna will use the same relaxing heat mentioned earlier to calm an angered mind. If you find your anger rising, take a quick 20 minute session in the sauna. You will find the space and time you need to organize your thoughts, rationalize a solution, and fix the problem upon your exit of the sauna.


3) Depression

This debilitating feeling washes over many of us everyday. Depression is caused by numerous factors, such as a tough day, stress, or anxiety. Medical depression is also a common form that affects millions of Americans. Depression can be eased with frequent sessions in an infrared sauna. Clinical depression is often treated with medication. Users of infrared saunas will find their depression shrink up and in some cases vanish completely. When depression strikes it can come swiftly and ruin the rest of your day. I have used an infrared sauna for depression for years and honestly, it works well for me. The relaxing time spent inside can calm me down, rationalize my thoughts and even increase the brain activity to dispense happy hormones, as I call them. I highly recommend you use infrared along with your doctors choices to treat your depression.


4) Blood Flow

How can blood flow improve mental health? The brain uses oxygen from your bloodstream in order to function properly. Infrared saunas penetrate deep into tissues and muscles. The heat increases blood flow to the extremities and to the brain. Take deep breaths and watch your mind sharpen with the increased clean oxygen sent to your brain. Frequent use during 20 minute sessions can increase brain function over time.


5) Body Image

Our body image is key to having a healthy mental aptitude. While our body image does not directly affect our brain, our response to body image does. If you see yourself as overweight and do not want to go out and socialize, or constantly fear hiding your body from others; then losing weight may be a way to treat that anxiety. Infrared saunas can burn up to 500 calories in a twenty minute session. Combined with diet and exercise, a sauna experience can assist in weight loss and increase your quality of life. If your body image is greatly improved, your stress and anxiety about your body image will drop significantly. Just imagining the compliments you will receive over your weight loss is invigorating on its own.