Can an Infrared Sauna Help with Winter Weight Loss?

It’s that time of the year… filled with cookies, candy, and lots and lots of delicious food. However, not all of that food is particularly *healthy*, and can cause many of us to gain some unfortunate holiday weight.

In order to maintain your typical weight and/or get back on track after the indulgence that is the holidays, you should consider using an infrared sauna. Why, you ask? Well let us tell you some of the reasons they’re beneficial while shedding the truth about their validity.

To begin, this article tackles the truth about weight loss in general.

There are endless claims made on the internet that some new energy drink or a random weird diet is the right way to lose weight. In reality the surest way to lose weight is to eat right and exercise. However, there are far more relaxing ways to help you on your weight loss journey. I don’t know about you, but I am not able to keep up with the rigorous 45 minute workouts that would have you climb Mount Everest in half the time. Infrared saunas however, have been getting a lot of exposure on weight loss, and for good reason.

Weight Loss: Infrared Sauna versus Rigorous workouts.

Extensive research has gone into investigating the calories that running and other workouts burn. The average marathon runner will burn approximate 100 calories per mile. That totals to approximately 800 calories in an hour of running. Talk about getting your heart rate up! Running is very beneficial to you! Remember, working out and staying active is key to a healthy body.

An infrared sauna will allow a user to burn approximately 500 calories during a twenty minute session. How? I know, it’s an important question! An infrared sauna applies deep penetrating infrared heat to your body. The high heat will increase your internal temperature enough to increase heart rate. The heart rate increases in order to create sweat, the bodies natural process to cool itself off. All the while, your muscles relax and you can easily enjoy burning five times more calories than running.

Now I am not telling you to stop running. Quite the opposite. I encourage you to exercise often, but after that ordeal, your muscle strain and exhaustion may have hit you. In that case, find your way into an infrared sauna and relax. Not only will the calorie burning continue at a pace of 500 calories per session (about 20 minutes), but the high heat will relax stiff, strained, and sore muscles.

Weight Loss: A healthy diet.

Again, the holidays = lots and lots of FOOD! And the food you eat is a huge part of weight loss! If you eat too much, the strain on your body causes fat to build up, creating excess weight. Eating healthy foods that your doctor recommends is a perfect way to maintain a healthy weight.

But how can an infrared sauna compare to a well balanced diet? Let’s imagine you love salt! We all know too much salt can hurt your diet. Another thing we seem to love? Processed foods, which have minute traces of toxins. An infrared sauna as we know causes you to sweat profusely when used during a twenty minute session. If you do not always eat the foods you should, the excess salt and toxins are expelled from your body during the sweating process. Sweating is a body’s natural response to heat and is used as an excellent way to rid the body of excess salts and damaging toxins.