How A Sauna Can Help with Daily Toxins

So… what toxins are we exposed to daily, and how can a sauna help get rid of them?

Let’s discuss the basics:

1. How do toxins even enter our bodies?

Toxins are everywhere! Devastating news to be sure. But unfortunately the truth in today’s society is that toxins are constantly barraging us. Our immune system can handle typical toxins and everyday natural diseases that may arise. However, the increase of toxins in urban living and working have pummeled immune systems into submission. Toxins can arrive through our food, breathing them in, or even contact with the pores in the skin.


2. Where do these toxins come from?


Toxins that we eat can come from processed foods. The way that these foods are preserved have led to an increase in harmful toxins that reside within. “But I don’t eat processed foods!” Even if you do not, toxins enter from all natural foods as well. If your veggies grew in a farmer’s field, perhaps the nearby air pollution have contacted them. Along with any pesticides they may use to control bugs.


Toxins enter through the air we breathe. Air pollution is rampant in cities and even in the country from farms. These toxins enter with the air we breathe. Have you smelled cigarette smoke today? Gasoline? Toxins are now in your body and it cannot easily expel all of them.


We walk through toxic air all day and touch numerous door handles, coffee cups, office printers, makeup, plastics, and so on. Anything you touch has the potential to allow toxins into your skin. The pores in your skin can be a gateway for all the nasty things that want a way in. So how do we help our immune systems? That’s right, INFRARED SAUNAS!


3. Don’t my kidneys get rid of toxins already?


Yes! They absolutely expel toxins, at a stunning rate too. However, certain toxins, especially those in the skin and the blood cannot be expelled by overworked kidneys as easily. Kidneys run at a certain pace. If you have an excess of toxins the kidneys can eventually stall and even fail. Kidney failure is a dangerous problem affecting millions of Americans each year. The easiest way to ease the burden on your kidneys is to use an Infrared Sauna.


The sweating process is the body’s natural response to heat or vigorous activity. Sweating will cool the body and evacuate toxins. Sweat has been found to contain traces of lead, mercury, and even arsenic. The easiest way to achieve extended periods of cleansing sweating is to sit in an infrared sauna for a twenty minute session. After only twenty minutes the body will have expelled numerous toxins found in the skin, muscles, and the bloodstream. You will be healthier and happier with the results. And your kidneys will thank you!