What to Experience After a Week in the Sauna

Healthy habits need to be practiced regularly for long lasting health and wellness results. For instance, going to the gym once in awhile won’t make you stronger, and eating one salad a month won’t help you lose weight. You have to do these things much more frequently and regularly to have an impact. The same principle can apply to gaining health and wellness through your infrared sauna. We have talked about how important regular use of your sauna is for your body, mood, and mind, and most people with access to a sauna use it multiple times a week. But what happens when you use your infrared sauna for a week every day?

Infrared sauna heats the body directly through the skin layer, allowing the body to sweat out toxins without some of the discomfort caused by the hot air in a traditional sauna. Because the world around us bombards us with toxins from the environment, food, clothes, products, pollution, and more, we need to regularly get rid of these toxins for sustainable health and well-being.

According to studies, benefits of using an infrared sauna can include:

• Purging toxins from your body
• Relieving stress
• Decreasing muscle soreness and aches and pains
• Lifting and enhancing positive moods
• Relieving symptoms from chronic illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, depression, Crohn’s disease, and high blood pressure
• Improving cardiovascular health
• Boosting immune system
• Helping with weight loss
• Improving quality of sleep
• Improving energy and focus

These beneficial results from regular use of the sauna can be enhanced and multiplied with daily use. Heal faster from aches and pain, recover better from exercise, get over illnesses more quickly – or avoid getting sick at all as your immune system gets stronger.
Your metabolism will increase as your circulation increases daily which will help make the most of those healthy diet and exercise habits you have.

So, if you use your beautiful infrared sauna daily for a week or more, you should see benefits including improved cardiovascular health, improved mood, improved immune system, and improved overall wellness. Regular use of the sauna is a long-term plan for long term well-being. And it’s a good thing that using it is good for your skin, good for your heart, and good for your health. So get on in there for a treat for your body, mood, and mind!